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ARC_Top Premier Guitar is the ONLY fully-integrated multimedia solution that delivers your message to an audience of more than 1.9 million unduplicated guitarists. For the price of one ad, you'll now receive your ad across multiple integrated platforms: PG's print magazine, PG's digital magazine; on; and on Premier Guitar's mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, & Android Devices! PG also offers a wide variety of additional high-impact promotions designed to help you sell more gear! Click here to view the 2017 media kit.
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Jon Levy
Gary Ciocci
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ARC_Luke Luke Viertel, Production Coordinator
When launching any type of advertising campaign with PG, your primary contact outside of your PG account executive will be Luke. Luke is in charge of processing insertion orders and making sure the "trains run on time" when it comes to the multitude of avaialble multimedia promotion packages PG has to offer. 
ARC_Matt Matt Roberts, Marketing Manager
Matt hails from PG's marketing "engine room" and is responsible executing custom market research, lead generation initiatives for advertising partners. Matt also assists with the set up and implementation of special promotions. 



Did you know? serves more than 20 million impressions every month to advertisers. Want to enhance your brand with PG's exploding web audience of serious guitarists? Talk to your PG rep today about creating a campaign that's right for you!

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In addition to growing the Premier Guitar brand, Nick manages a variety of sponsored promotional products strategically aimed at garnering maximum results and delivering performance metrics on said products to PG's advertising partners.