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Musikmesse 2011: Achtung Babies

Musikmesse 2011: Achtung Babies

Guitar Effects

Vibesware Guitar Resonator GR-1 Sustainer

It was always a pleasure to walk by the Vibesware booth and get an earful of the odd and ethereal sounds created by the Vibesware Guitar Resonator GR-1 infinite sustainer. The mic-stand-mounted unit can sustain multiple strings simultaneously and, most importantly, frees your picking hand to engage in picking or vibrato-arm manipulation.

T-Rex Gull Wah
The multivoiced Gull features auto-inspired aesthetics and a unique magnet-equipped treadle—which means there’s no wah potentiometer to wear out, even after years of lead-footed wailing. You can also select between three wah sounds, including a “yoy-yoy” setting that lends a heavily rounded, vowel-ish sound. It also has a Boost knob for when you want to get a little more aggressive, a Slope control for tailoring the EQ range, and a pot that enables you to dial in variable settings for the pedal’s action.

Elmwood Amps Woodpecker
Best known for its tube amplifiers, Elmwood Amps from Tanumshede, Sweden, offered a sneak peek of the JFETtransistor- based Woodpecker overdrive prototype. It’ll be in stores this summer, and it uses Gain, Shape, and Output controls to serve up serious boost power and extreme tone-shaping capabilities.

Line 6 POD HD
The desktop POD has been a mainstay studio asset for pros and hobbyists alike for years now. This latest version incorporates Line 6’s HD modeling technology to not only improve the authenticity of amp and effect models, but also to increase touch sensitivity and dynamics. It also includes more than 100 effects for nearly limitless tone combinations.

Carl Martin HeadRoom
Fans of wet and whacked-out spring reverb will no doubt dig Carl Martin’s new HeadRoom, which uses an Accutronics spring reverb apparatus in a compact stompbox that can also be switched remotely if you want to place the unit out of range from stage vibrations— although listening to this thing rattle after a kick to the enclosure is a blast!

Duesenberg Effects
The always-on-the-move folks at Deusenberg unveiled updated versions of the Red Echo, White Drive, and Green Comp, as well as three all-new effects—the Blue Move chorus, Violet Trem tremolo, and Gold Boost booster—all are handwired and feature true-bypass circuitry.
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