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Musikmesse 2011: Achtung Babies

Musikmesse 2011: Achtung Babies

Bass Gear

Fernandes Jeff Walker Triturador (“Grinder”) Signature Bass

The Carcass bassist’s new 34"-scale namesake features a bound mahogany body and set neck, an ebony fretboard with inlays taken from the band’s 1992 Tools of the Trade EP, and a lightning-bolt soundhole. The EMG 35DC humbuckers are controlled by Volume, Blend, and Tone knobs, while a Gain knob and On/Off toggle govern the EBS overdrive circuit.

Palmer Deepressor, Uebertreiber, and Bazz Pedals
Palmer had a trio of new bass effects at Musikmesse. The Deepressor is a dedicated bass compressor with Sustain, Attack, and Level knobs. The Uebertreiber goes from clean boost to overdrive and features Clean, Gain, Tone, and Level knobs that let you also create an articulate mix of both. The Bazz bass fuzz has Fuzz, Tone, and Volume knobs, as well as a Mid Boost switch to emphasize the nastiest fuzz frequencies.

Warwick Steve Bailey Signature 6-String Fretless
Steve Bailey’s list of collaborations is about 10 miles long, and it got that way because he can do just about anything on a bass. His new signature Warwick looked very much like an instrument that could keep up, too. With a snakewood fretboard, asymmetric neck radius, and cool electronic features like a harmonic enhancer that boosts high-mid content, it’s an endless well of tone.

AER Amp Three

The newest addition to AER’s Bottom Line series pumps 200 watts through two 8" speakers. Tone controls include a 3-band EQ, a Bass Boost function for +10 dB of kick at 55 Hz, a Colour knob that cuts mids and boosts treble, a Tone Balance control, and Ratio and Threshold controls for the compression circuit.

Hartke Kilo

Hartke's potent new head kicks out 1000 watts of bridged mono power that can be split into 500 watts of stereo power. It has a tube preamp, and front-panel controls include Overdrive, Compressor, Gain, Shape, Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs, in addition to a 10-band graphic EQ and Active, O.D., Mute, Brite, Shape, Deep, EFX, and GEO buttons.
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