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Carvin Cobalt C770T Acoustic/Electric Guitar Review

Carvin Cobalt C770T Acoustic/Electric Guitar Review

Plug It in, Turn It Up
The Fishman electronics sound great and give the player a lot of flexibility. You’ve got Notch and Volume knobs, four slider controls for Brilliance, Treble, Contour, and Bass, and another slider between the Phase and Tuner buttons to set the EQ’s center frequency between 250 Hz to 3 kHz.

Plugged into my Baggs Core 1, the C770T sounds, well, tremendous. I pushed the Contour Frequency slider slightly toward the 3 kHz side, left everything else flat, and sat on my couch for over an hour just enjoying the rich, full, satisfying tones in as many tunings as I could think of. The Fishman system offers plenty of sparkle and definition. The guitar’s amplified sound is warm, but not mushy, with round bass and clear mids that let the C770T soar, growl, snap, and sing. It’s a beautiful thing. The preamp is intuitively laid out and changing the battery takes mere seconds.

I did have a chance to test this guitar in a live performance. With my very rambunctious drummer and bassist, this guitar held up extremely well. I was able to turn up loud enough to keep up with them and had absolutely no feedback issues at all using a Bose L1 sound system. We were in a medium-sized club with surprisingly good acoustics, considering that two of the walls were almost entirely windows. The warmth really enriched the total sound of the trio, but the guitar and bass never competed for sonic real estate.

The Verdict
The under-$1000 acoustic price range is getting seriously competitive, with more guitars than ever ramping up the quality, playability, and tone to compete with much more expensive instruments. The C770T offers all that plus Fishman’s most popular pickup and a really nice preamp, making recommendation of the C770T in this price range a no brainer.

Buy if...
you want a stage-ready, great sounding, awesome playing $2000 guitar, but your budget will only bear a fraction of that price.
Skip if...
you aren’t a fan of mahogany.

Street $689 (including HC21 hardshell case) - Carvin Guitars -
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