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Photos from the New York Amp Show

With well over 45 exhibitors filling the halls of an Embassy Suites, the second running of the New York Amp Show was an unqualified success. With each exhibitor setting up shop in their suites, adventurous tone junkies filtered from room to room, taking turns plugging into everything from easy-going tweed combos to fire-breathing stacks. In-between product demos, attendees enjoyed rubbing elbows with industry insiders during the Tone Wizards forum discussion and GoodTone’s amp biasing clinic. If there’s a better way to get face-to-face with the people behind the boutique movement, we can’t think of it.

Premier Guitar headed east to check out the show, and came back home with loads of juicy info. From our interview with the man behind the curtain, Loni Specter, to our complete listing of all the companies in attendance, we’ve got the best roundup you’ll find. And the fun doesn’t end here – make sure to head online to, where you can find exclusive video interviews with the companies in attendance. We hope you’ll find something suitable for your relentless pursuit of tone.

Photos from the New York Amp Show
Andy Lackow tests out the stacks of amps in Bob Reinhardt''s room. Among the choices available for playing were the SV18 (2xEL84), MI-6 (2x6V6), a Vintage 50 (2xEL34), the Sentinel (2xKT66) and a JKC 33 combo (2xEL34).

Photos from the New York Amp Show
Bill Holter plays a Strat through Ark Amp’s Model A, featuring 60 watts through two EL34 power tubes – with an unique mix of British and American flavors available at the twist of a knob, these were quite possibly the most versatile amps of the day. Featuring some intricate woodwork (talk about organic) that’ll be sure to stand out at your next gig, the Model A starts at $4000.

Photos from the New York Amp Show
The New York Amp Show had something for everybody, including the uniquely styled Tupelo Honey from dAAb Amps. Featuring 30 watts produced by four EL84s and a GZ34 rectifier, this amp provides a Class A-style sound with rich harmonics and gorgeous distortion. The company proved to passing amp nuts that you can have style and substance in one package.

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