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Riffs: Southern Rock List, RNC Rage, Phish Wedding


10 Great Southern Rock Albums


Obviously you''re going to have Skynyrd and the Allman brothers, but there a few surprises on this particular list. Go here and see if your favorites made the grade.

RAge Against the Convention


While McCain and Palin were busy accepting their party''s nomination, Rage Against the Machine and their fans held a scheduled concert at the Target Center on September 3rd, but the band also staged some impromptu protests and acapella concerts through megaphones. Go here to view some first-hand blogs by guitarist Tom Morello and videos of the week''s events.

Phish starts the Wedding circuit

from Rolling Stone

According to this latest news, it looks like there was a special Phish reunion. They played at the wedding of former road manager Brad Sands. Marking their first performance since 2004, the band even had Police drummer Stewart Copeland sit in. Hopefully they can do my cousin Ethella''s wedding next month.
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