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Interview: Larry Graham - Sheer Energy

Interview: Larry Graham - Sheer Energy

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Graham demonstrates his music-redefining technique on GCS and Sly classics. Note how the right hand shifts position from the rear pickup area to just beyond the fretboard.

GCS live at the Vienna Jazz Festival, playing “Throw-N-Down the Funk.” Dig Graham’s use of a Roland Jet Phaser during the slap breaks (e.g., at 2:10).

You won’t see much of Graham in this live clip from Sly and the Family Stone’s 1969 Woodstock performance, but you’ll hear his rumbling bass—including a throbbing solo at 3:10—powering one of the greatest, sexiest grooves of all time. The influence of this track on Miles Davis’ work of the era and into the ’70s is unmistakable.

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