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The Best of's "Show Us Your Gear" 2010

The Best of's "Show Us Your Gear" 2010

Favorite Overdrive or Distortion - See the full gallery here

Random Device
Thermonuclear Drive, Phil Douglas

“The Thermonuclear Drive from Random Device is my Swiss Army-knife pedal. It is an overdrive/ boost that sounds great with both my tube and solid-state amps. It has a built-in loop to run other effects through—I like to plug my old Big Muff into the loop as it doesn’t have true bypass and the OD on the Thermonuclear added to it makes it sound amazing—or you can use the loop without the overdrive or use it as an AB box. One thing I would like to see in other overdrive pedals is it has a switch on it that reduces the voltage, giving it that great half-dead-battery-in-your-overdrive sound without having to use a half-dead battery. It’s one of my favorite gigging pedals, and I always get comments on it, just ’cause it looks so damn cool!”

Penfar FX Fat Foot, Jim Woods

“This thing rocks my socks!”

BlueAim Neodrive, John Evosovic

“Impossible to pick just one, but this left field entry is definitely a favorite. Seems similar to a Zendrive in some respects, but definitely has its own vibe. The Middle control, always a useful though usually neglected feature, has the nice sonic effect of sounding as though the speaker cab is being moved forward when turning clockwise.”

Visual Sound Open Road, Tre Sheppard

“I’ve liked the Visual Sound stuff for many years and I’ve literally toured around the globe with VS pedals, but they really went to a new special place in my heart when this yellow beauty made its entrance. It has loads of touch sensitivity and a wonderfully amp-like drive sound, and it doesn’t compress and hump the mids like the green perennial favorite. I like the Open Road so much that it’s kicked off several much more expensive, wait-listed, boutique, and esoteric pedals from my live board”
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