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2008 Premier Gear Awards


Sure, great tone always involves a learning curve. It can take a while to really get to know your gear, and it often pays off handsomely if you’re patient. But isn’t it nice, once in a while, to find something that makes you feel like you know it right away? For the gear that lets us get right to playing, and lets us stay there, here’s our User- Friendly Premier Gear Award.
Catalinbread Serrano Picoso

The Serrano Picoso doesn’t try go too far in coloring your tone, but instead imparts a clean, transparent boost rarely seen in nature. Said reviewer James Egolf [March ’08, online], “The Serrano Picoso sounds like the mythical “More” pedal guitarists have been clamoring for, adding enough boost to be noticed, all while staying off of your rig’s inherent tonal fingerprint.” With an equally tiny footprint and price, this one’s a no-brainer.

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Catalinbread Serrano Picoso

Huss & Dalton 00-SP Custom Huss & Dalton 00-SP Custom

The small-bodied 00-SP is remarkable in that it does just what it’s supposed to do extremely well, with no surprises—good or bad—up its sleeve. It’s incredibly beautiful, with flamed Australian blackwood back and sides and great appointments. The guitar has a 12-fret scale, but manages to retain low-end focus and cohesive sounds throughout the neck. There’s no breaking in this guitar, you’ll love it from the word go.

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“If you dig quality gear and are auditioning small-bodied acoustics for fingerstyle chores, do yourself a huge favor and check out a 00-SP.” – July ’08

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