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2008 Premier Gear Awards


It takes an enormous amount of respect, admiration and good, old-fashioned gumption to take a classic piece of gear for your inspiration and then build something that stands up not as a copy, but as an equal. When we see gear that rivals its archetype in quality, tone, and playability, we think that should be saluted. For those that stand up to their icons, look them in the eye and command respect, we introduce our Premier Gear Toe-to-Toe Award.
Hahn Model 228 Hahn Model 228

Chihoe Hahn’s Model 228 brings the Tele to a whole new, hand-built level. Every component is spec’ed to the highest degree; every detail—from the partially cut bridge a la Danny Gatton to the stainless-steel .10” thick neck plate—helped vault this guitar to Tele perfection. The 228 falls squarely in vintage territory, with Lollar pickups, classic tuners, old-school knobs and a thin nitro finish. This award goes directly to Hahn, who screws every screw and solders every point himself.

“This is one of the best Teles I’ve ever played.” – John Bohlinger, October ’08, online
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DeTemple Guitars Spirit Series

Michael DeTemple has built a Strat exactly the way he wants it with the Spirit Series. It features DeTempledesigned pickups, trem, and truss rod, and is built by Michael himself. Luckily, the Strat Michael wants is pretty damn amazing. Reviewer Adam Hunt called the guitar [November ‘08], “quite possibly the best Stratstyle guitar built today.” The guitar improves upon the Strat model with increased sustain, a bit more beef from the pickups, and clarity with distortion. If you’ve got the cash, we’d venture to say it’s worth the wait.
DeTemple Guitars Spirit Series
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Collings 290 Collings 290

Slab body, P-90s and TV Yellow nitro finish make the Collings 290’s vintage LP Junior channeling obvious. However, physical differences—a wider bottom, curved upper bout—make for slight visual separation. The sound, however was a refined version of the expected rough rock snarl. Lollar P-90s give the guitar a great clean sound, but open up with a little dirt. Reviewer James Egolf recommended the guitar for Junior aficionados, saying [June ‘08], “The 290 is truly a magical instrument.”

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Two-Rock Classic Type Two

Unlike the others in this category, the Classic Type Two isn’t a direct emulation of anything. But how can you emulate a Dumble? The amp has drawn comparisons, and is faintly familiar to those tones, but forges its own path. In that respect, it wins this award for the comparisons put on it by others, rather than by the company itself. The Classic Type 2 is rich and detailed, imparted sustain on a Strat and calmed noisy guitars expertly. It is touch-sensitive and brought out the best in everything hooked into it—cabinet, guitars and effects.

“[The Classic Type Two’s] rich, fat, detailed, nuanced tone should appeal to players who demand an amp that responds instantly to their input.” – October ‘08
Two Rock Classic Type Two
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