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2008 Premier Gear Awards


Some of the gear we reviewed just had a certain je ne sais quois about it, something that kept us coming back for more, and starting showing up in our dreams. It’s sexy, mysterious and putting us into withdrawals. And we can’t even place exactly why.

To the gear that just got to us: above and beyond how good you are, you have that certain… something else. Please call. And please accept our Premier Gear Aura Award.
Duesenberg Mike Campbell Signature

We didn’t necessarily want to fall all over ourselves for a signature guitar… it’s like falling for someone else’s girl. But the sparkly, racing-striped semi-hollowbody won us over with a reliable guitar that shined with every configuration we threw at it. Rhythm, rock, country, blues, jazz were no problem, and reviewer Chris Burgess was forced to buy it, after he realized his playing would never be the same.

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“I’ve always liked the idea of a guitar that did everything equally well, but had assumed that was a pipe dream. The Duesenberg handled everything fearlessly.” – February ‘08

Duesenberg Mike Campbell Signature

Tubewonder Harmonic Control Amplifier Tubewonder Harmonic Control Amplifier

The Tubewonder blew our mind with the ease at which it encouraged creation of new tones—our own tones. Reviewer James Egolf explained, “The Tubewonder is basically a blank canvas that provides the tonal flexibility to give the player what they want—not what Leo Fender envisioned, or Jim Marshall or Dick Denney, but what you want—delivered at all times with impeccable tone.” Reverb, an array of exotic tubes, and a sound that blocked out the rest of the world solidified the Tubewonder’s place in the Aura category.
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BOSS SL-20 Slicer
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BOSS SL-20 Slicer -- Revisited

“It’s only been a month since I reviewed BOSS’s SL-20 Slicer, but I’ve already been battling the withdrawal symptoms for a few weeks. I find myself dreaming in spacious stereo rhythms; I see the Slicer’s Christmas tree lights everywhere I look; I’m tapping out tempos while I wait in line at the bank. Yes, yes, it’s not for everybody, but it’s definitely for somebody, and they’ll likely get the addiction, too. You’ve been warned.”

McPherson MG3.5 REVISITED:
McPherson MG3.5 -- Revisited

“Simply put, McPherson’s 3.5 has absolutely ruined me. Every acoustic I play is now subconsciously measured against the 3.5’s big-but-articulate sound and rock solid build, and of course nothing can stand up to it. It’s like being dumped by a supermodel, and being forced to return to the speed dating pool at the local Marriott. There’s little wonder McPherson’s artist list includes some of the biggest names in music. The 3.5 has set an absurdly high standard in my life. Thanks for nothing.” – Adam Moore

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