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May 2014
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Dynamic Amps Introduces the Dynamic 2040 Amplifier

Dynamic Amps Introduces the Dynamic 2040 Amplifier
Portage, MI (July 25, 2009) -- Dynamic Amps is introducing the new Dynamic 2040, a hand-wired vaccum-tube guitar amplifier. Dynamic says the 2040 was designed to offer a heavy dose of tweed tones. Its custom-wound transformers, custom aluminum chassis, and hand-wired turret board complete its beautifully unique design.

Dynamic 2040 specs:
  • Aluminum, 1.25” welded and anodized chassis
  • Handmade fiberglass turret board, hand populated and wired
  • Custom wound transformers
  • Highest grade Eminence speakers, others optional
  • Custom solid pine, finger joined cabinets & birch baffle, with high-grade coverings and hardware
  • Engraved faceplates
  • Top quality switches and jacks
  • Special, acoustically transparent grille cloth
  • Single channel, class: AB, all vacuum tube architecture
  • Tube complement: two 6V6, two EL34, or two 6L6
  • All footswitchable effects
  • Small combo: W 24.5”, H 20”, D 10.5” , Wt. 54lbs
  • Large combo: W 26.5”, H 22.5”, D 10.5, Wt. 66lbs

    Additional special features:
  • Unique single tone control coupled with rotary voicing switch
  • Three position bright switch, pre tone stack
  • Three position negative switch, none and two levels
  • Two position reverb drive switch
  • Speaker coupled Direct Out jack for recording or reinforcement
  • 8 & 4 Ohm speaker output switch, plus parallel and series jacks
  • For more info, visit dynamicamps.com.

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