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NAMM 2011 - Editors' Picks, Day 2

NAMM 2011 - Editors' Picks, Day 2

Joe Coffey - Editorial Director

Seymour Duncan Zephyr Silver Pickups
Duncan’s premium new pickups are said to be a nod to the past while representing what’s next in pickup manufacturing. They’re wound with silver wire and feature bi-metallic pole pieces (nickel cores with stainless-steel exteriors) and glass fiberfill nylon bobbins. The pickups are also cryogenically treated, which the company says aligns the materials’ crystal latticework to improve clarity. MSRP $1195 per set.

Washburn WD26SCE with a B-string bender
NAMM is a good time to see prototypes, custom mods, and one-offs that may not end up in production but are pretty cool nonetheless. Check out this Washburn WD-26SCE outfitted with a B-string-bending device made by Forrest Lee Jr.

Takamine TF77-PT, TF87-PT
You could say these new Takamines are loaded with the ingredients of warmth: a koa back and sides, a sunburst-finished cedar top, a 12AU7-driven onboard preamp, and an inlay of palm trees and a sunset at the 12th fret. Available in OM (TF77-PT) or New Yorker (TF87-PT, shown) body sizes. MSRP $2579.

Neutrik NA2JJ
Here’s a handy item to keep in your gigbag: The Neutrik NA2JJ plug2PLUG is basically a 1/4" female-to-female adapter that allows you to make a longer instrument cable out of two shorter ones when you get in a pinch.
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