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NAMM 2011 - Editors' Picks, Day 1

NAMM 2011 - Editors' Picks, Day 1

Andy Ellis - Senior Editor

3rd Power British Dream
3rd Power's handwired, all-tube British Dream 1x12 45-watt combo offers two channels—one inspired by a ’59 Vox AC30, the other by a ’68 plexi Marshall—and a half-power switch. The amp’s 12" Celestion Alnico Gold is housed in 3rd Power’s proprietary Switchback triangular enclosure. The British Dream has an MSRP of $2899.
3rd Power Amps

Amptweaker TightMetal
The latest offering from AmpTweaker is the TightMetal—a high-gain distortion box for players seeking ultra-saturated tones. Like other TightDrive pedals, the TightMetal sports an effects loop and a Pre/Post switch. Other features include a Mid EQ thrash switch and Gate with Chomp switch.

National Reso-Phonic ResoElectric RA3
National Reso-Phonic’s new hollowbody ResoElectric RA3 has a koa top and mahogany back and sides, and sports an L.R. Baggs Hex pickup in its biscuit bridge.
National Guitars

Tech 21 RotoChoir
Tech 21's RotoChoir emulates the entire signal chain of a mic’d Leslie cabinet, from the tube power amp to the low-frequency speaker and high-frequency horn to the XY stereo-mic setup. The pedal’s Fast/Slow switch lets you slow down, ramp up, or even pause the simulated rotary speaker in a variety of positions. The RotoChoir has a buffered bypass, a Bi-Amp switch, a Drive control, and stereo outputs. MSRP $295.
Tech 21
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