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Warren Haynes: With a Little Help from My Friends


Warren Haynes' Gear

Two signature model Gibson Les Pauls, three non-reverse Gibson Firebirds, 1961 dot-neck Gibson ES-335, lefty Fender Strat (strung righty, two ’58 reissue Les Pauls, Les Paul Elegant, Gibson SG Gordy Johnson Model, Les Paul 12-String, Gibson 335 Warren Haynes Prototype, 1989 Fender Eric Clapton Strat, Epiphone Crestwood, Gibson ES-175, Valley Arts T Series, two Les Paul ’59 reissues, Gibson '67 reissue Flying V , two PRS Baritone Mike Mushok

Washburn WSD5249 Warren Haynes signature model flattop, Martin 0018-EC, Santa Cruz Tony Rice Model

1969 100-watt Marshall, Diaz CD-100, Soldano SLO-100, Marshall 4x12 with 65-watt Celestion speakers, Marshall 4x12 with Celestion Vintage 30s

Klon Centaur, Hermida Audio Zendrive, Boss OC-2 Octaver, Chandler SDE delay, Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere, Emma DiscumBOBulator, Bob Bradshaw Super Tremolo, G-Lab signature wah, Diaz Tone Ranger, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Boss DD-2 Delay, Hardwire Delay, G-Lab Wowee Wah

Strings, Picks, and Accessories
GHS Burnished Nickel (.010–.046 and .011–.050) GHS Nickel Rockers (.010-.054), GHS 12-string Boomers (.010-.046), Dunlop Tortex .88 mm picks, D’Andrea 347 teardrop picks, Dunlop 215 Pyrex slides, Coricidin slides, Planet Waves American Stage cables

You also have a left-handed Mexican Strat strung righty. When does that come into play?
The only time I played that was when we did 90 minutes of Hendrix for Halloween. Every Halloween and New Year’s Eve, we have thematic shows. This past Halloween we did 90 minutes of Hendrix and I played three different Strats. That left-handed one was one of them.

Do you change amps for the various groups you’re involved with?
Well, I use different amps for different sounds in each band. In the Allman Brothers, I’ve been using a 100-watt PRS 25th Anniversary head that works great—it really fits that music well. But I didn’t want the same sound for the Warren Haynes Band because it’s a much cleaner approach, more of a traditional blues sound—B.B. King, Freddie King, Albert King. So for that I use a PRS 100-watt Super Dallas. I also have a Cesar Diaz CD-100 I’ve used for a long time, and I’ve also been known to a Super Dallas EJ model on special occasions.

With Gov’t Mule, I sometimes use a Soldano SL0-100 head. That sound has been on a lot of those records, so it’s important to have it live. But I didn’t use it on the new record. Instead I played my 1969 100-watt Marshall plexi.

What was that rotary effect in the beginning of “Whisper in Your Soul?”
That was a real Leslie that has been modded so you can run a guitar through it. In my normal rig, I have a Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere, which I use quite often.

What are some other staple pedals?
For most of my sounds, I just plug straight into the amp. The dirtier sounds are just the amplifier working. Very seldom do I use pedals for distortion, but when I do, it’s a Klon Centaur.

The effects in my rig are a Boss octaver, Chandler delay, that Rotosphere, a DiscumBOBulator, which is an auto wah, and a G-Lab signature wah-wah, which I really like a lot. I also have a Bob Bradshaw stereo tremolo, but I use it in mono so I can have two separate speeds. I’ll experiment with pedals here and there, but for the most part, I just like the sound of the amplifier doing the work.

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