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Top 5 Heavy Rig Rundowns


High on Fire's Matt Pike

As seen in one of our earliest Rig Rundown clips, Matt Pike keeps things stupid simple—as in not being bothered to wear a shirt onstage … ever. His setup consists of a custom 9-string First Act solidbody that’s designed after Santana’s Yamaha SG-style guitar and is 1" thicker than a Les Paul. During High on Fire shows, the 9-string is set in what Pike coins as “man tuning” or C-F-A#-D#-D#-G-G-C-C.

He runs that beast through a Soldano SLO and Marshall Kerry King 2203KFK JCM800. The Soldano is the main amp behind his live sound, but for the band’s aggro-sludgy parts or Pike’s solos, he adds the Marshall for extra dirt and volume. Both amps power three or four—depending on the venue’s size—Emperor 4x12 cabs.

Besides a Boss TU-2, the only pedal he stomps on is an MXR Carbon Copy.

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