October 2016
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Four Affordable 12-String Flattops Roundup


More Acoustic 12-string Options

While the four 12-strings in our roundup are all great choices in the $400–$700 range, there are many other options if you’re willing to spend just a bit more or need to dish out a little less.

For many players, the big news in accessibly priced 12s for 2014 is the May debut of the Taylor 150e 12-string dreadnought. The solid Sitka spruce and laminate sapele 12 will be priced in the neighborhood of the other dreads in the 1 series, which all run well south of a grand and can be had for as little as $599 on the street. (taylorguitars.com)

Blueridge builds one of the broadest and most appealing ranges of affordable-to-mid-priced 12s out there, including six beautiful jumbo 12s that run from about $599 on the street to the low-mid $1,000s. (sagamusic.com)

Guild is virtually synonymous with acoustic 12s, and in addition to their legendary American-made 12s, they also offer a line of affordable import 12s. These include the $629 all-mahogany D-125-12 dreadnought and the fancy F-1512E jumbo, priced at around $1,500. (guildguitars.com)

The most affordable end of the 12-string market offers ample options to players on a tight budget or those who want to try an inexpensive 12 before diving into the expensive end of the pool. Recording King’s RD-06-12, which is built with a solid Sitka spruce top is one of the best 12 string deals out there at just $349 on the street. (recordingking.com)

Yamaha’s FG720S-12 is just one of several 12s the company offers in the sub-$1,000 range, but at just $349, this solid spruce-topped dreadnought is a great deal. (usa.yamaha.com)

Washburn’s WD10SCE also can be had for around $350, and you get a cutaway and Fishman Isys electronics. (washburn.com)

At just $199, Epiphone’s DR-212 dreadnought is about as inexpensive as a new acoustic 12 gets. So why not join the jangle party? (epiphone.com)


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