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Quick Hit: Cort Jeff Berlin Series Rithimic Bass


Jeff Berlin is a contemporary master of the electric bass, so it’s not likely he’d lend his name to an instrument that can’t perform. Boasting an alder body adorned with an artistic veneer of spalted maple and padouk, Cort’s new Rithimic bass is visually striking, yet tasteful. It draws inspiration from a J with its body shape and thin neck, and it’s packed with a component set that includes an FCH-4 Babicz full-contact bridge, Hipshot Ultralight tuners, and Bartolini Jeff Berlin humbucking soapbar pups. Versatile is an over-used descriptor, but the easy-playing Rithimic is just that. With help from the alder body, its passive pickups deliver warmth and punch with excellent clarity in the lows and mids that will work for a variety of styles. The setup out of the case needed no adjustments. All said, it will cost some coin. At just shy of a grand, the Rithimic is not in the price range some may associate with Cort instruments, but when you consider the build, pickups, and hardware, it’s deserving of a good look.

Test Gear: Gallien-Krueger 800RB head, TC Electronic RS410 cab


Quality components, attractive aesthetics, solid play.

Price is on the high side.








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