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Interview: Spectrum Road - Fusing Muses

Interview: Spectrum Road - Fusing Muses

YouTube It
Check out Spectrum Road in action in the following YouTube clips.

Shot live in December 2008 at the Blue Note Tokyo, this clip shows Bruce, Reid, and Co. tearing through “Vuelta Abajo”—from the Tony Williams Lifetime’s second record, Turn It Over—in beautifully chaotic fashion.

At this intimate February 2011 show at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley in Seattle, Spectrum Road goes from free-form to straight groove and back again—all while taking turns showcasing their respective world-class chops.

After a sampling of Jack Bruce’s still gorgeously haunting vocals on “One Word,” this clip breaks at the 2:00 mark into a section where Bruce reflects on the Lifetime and the honor it was to play with Tony Williams.

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