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Transatlantic Tone Toys: Musikmesse 2012

Transatlantic Tone Toys: Musikmesse 2012


Carlsbro 50 Top Evolution
The 50 Top Evolution was designed with the considerable design help of Be Bop Deluxe axe legend Bill Nelson, and it features an EL34 power section, two channels with a footswitchable boost, a shared 3-band EQ, and dual master volumes. The closed-back cab is loaded with Celestion 75-watt speakers.

Tonehenge Amplification Monolith
The sexy, furniture-grade Monolith comes in totally customizable cabinets constructed by master woodworkers, and uses a pair of EL34s or 6L6s to pump 50 watts through two channels for Fender- and Marshall-like tones. Other features include two 12" Celestion drivers separated by a vented chamber, Mercury Magnetics transformers, digital reverb, and built-in wheels.

Hiwatt Tube Series and Dave Grohl OD100
Hiwatt had a lot of cool new stuff in Frankfurt, including the new Chinese-made Tube series heads and combos (left), which are powered by EL84s. (In addition, the new 18-volt Tube series pedals—the Tremolo, Phaser, Distortion, and Overdrive—use a 12AX7 tube and retail for $230.) At right, the new UK-built, custom-order OD100—which was designed for the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl—is driven by EL34s, features two entirely handwired channels, and is completely free of PC boards.

Amplisonic V8 Roadster
Finnish amp company Amplisonic’s new cathode-biased V8 Roadster features innovative functions such as 30-, 15-, 10-, or 5-watt operation, the ability to use EL34 and/or 6V6 tubes, an FET boost circuit, and a series/parallel effects loop. The cab can house either two 12" and two 10" speakers—which you can mix—or four 12" speakers.

Palmer Fab 5
The Fab 5 features a single 6V6 driving a 10" speaker, and the gloriously nasty and retro tones are controlled by simple volume, tone, and boost knobs—and the latter function is footswitchable.

Egnater Detroit 5
Bruce Egnater’s latest is switchable between 5, 2 1/2, and 1/2 watts, and features overdrive and clean channels. The overdrive channel features a unique Torque knob that increases presence and density past noon, but acts as a mid boost below 12 o’clock.

Laney TI100 Tony Iommi Signature Head and Cabs
The Black Sabbath legend’s new amp of choice features 100 watts of 6L6 power driving lead and rhythm channels, each with its own set of boost, drive, 3-band EQ, enhance, and presence controls.

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