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South by Southwest 2009: Keep Austin Loud

The Massacoustics, the Vintage Lounge
Musically, the Massacoustics deserve a write-up without even mentioning the simultaneous multi-instrumental talents of Matt Thompson, who plays bass one-handed while sitting behind the drums and actually playing them with his other three limbs. As if that weren’t enough, he also sings incredibly tight harmonies. It’s unclear how he doesn’t just fall over. Anyway, his brother, Andy Thompson, sings lead and plays a wicked Gretsch Duo Jet with a Line 6 PODxt and Bad Cat amps. As guitarists in trios know, there is an art to getting full band tone, soloing without rhythm under you, etc., and Andy has got it down pat. This duo from Massachusetts (hence the name) is not a gimmick act, though. Their songs are tight and radio friendly—we suspect you’ll be hearing from them soon.
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