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Riffs: Moog Guitar, Mellow Show, New Pearl Jam Album, Hendrix Porn


Moog Guitar

from Sonic State

There is new information to pass along regarding the mysterious Moog Guitar that people are still trying to distinguish as an actual guitar in development or an April Fool''s joke.

The Mellow Show

from Comic''s Comic

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, SNL did a pretty good spoof on dudes who rock the laid back acoustic groove, parodying Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and John Mayer. The clip was pulled off YouTube shortly someone posted it -- NBC has Metallica mentality when it comes to media sharing -- and NBC has yet to include it in the show''s official online clip assortment. Here''s the best we can do at this moment: some comic blogger dug the sketch and posted a play-by-play.

New Pearl Jam Album

from Rolling Stone

Known for participating in new side projects faster than you can say "lemon yellow sun," the members of Pearl Jam say they are officially working on a new studio album.

Hendrix Porn Not Real, Says Hendrix Co.

from Reuters

Perhaps you''ve heard that a porn production company is getting set to release a vid that it claims contains footage of the Voodoo Chile himself getting down with two chics. New wrinkle: the company that controls rights to Hendrix'' music and likeness says the flick is not authentic.
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