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May 2008 New Products

Ashdown Little Giant Bass Amps

The new Ashdown Little Giant 350 and 1000 (shown) bass amps weigh only 6.6 pounds and 7.7 pounds, respectively, and can fit into the front pocket of the average bass guitar gig bag. Both models measure just 8.27” x 2.6” x 12.2”, including an internal power supply, and include switchable active/passive instrument inputs, 7-band semi-parametric EQ, Deep and Shape switches, effects send and return, and a pre/ post switchable balanced DI output.

350 MSRP $499.99
1000 MSRP $599.99

Ashdown Little Giant Bass Amps

Basone Guitars Double-H Basone Guitars Double-H

Basone Guitars has released the Double-H, a hand-carved electric with a chambered Honduran mahogany body, a quilted maple top and a neck made of two-piece flamed maple. The guitar also features Sperzel locking tuners and the Superbridge, a highperformance bridge and saddle system from Graph Tech and TonePros. Every part of the guitar is completely customizable, and orders can be placed through Basone’s website

Starting at $1800

Mackie Hotwire VT12 Amplifier

Mackie’s Hotwire VT12 combines authentic tube tone and premium voicing with extreme sonic flexibility and customizable features in a unit that weighs less than 25 pounds. The Hotwire VT12 has a fully reconfigurable analog tube circuit path, enabled by Mackie’s patent-pending Mode Switching technology, which allows players to switch between Class A and Class AB-style amp circuits. Through this instant “re-wiring,” the tube preamp profiles 12 different classic tube amps.

List $1999.99

Mackie Hotwire VT12 Amplifier

Lanthum Products Drapesters
Lanthum Products Drapesters

Drapester guitar covers provide easy-to-use protection from dust and direct sunlight for guitars left on guitar stands. The patent-pending design stays on without straps or ties and fits all standard acoustic or electric guitars. The limited edition, 100 percent cotton fabrics won’t snag on strings or harm finishes. Drapesters also keep curious fingers away between sets or practice sessions.

Starting at $59.95

Orange 40th Anniversary Custom Shop Amplifier

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Orange amplification, the company has released the limited edition 40th Anniversary Custom Shop model. Each amp will be hand-wired and fitted with a Plexiglas front panel. The production model will be a 40th Anniversary OR50, and will feature Orange’s eight section output transformers and an updated version of the HF Drive control, first seen in the early seventies.


Orange 40th Anniversary Custom Shop Amplifier

X2 XDS-PLUS Digital Wireless System X2 XDS-PLUS Digital Wireless System

Designed specifically for working musicians, the XDS-PLUS combines the portability of a stompbox device with the performance of the XDR95 rackmount system. The system features X2’s proprietary companderless digital format and new dual-diversity (anti-jamming) technology for the sound and feel of a direct wire connection with extended operating range. Additionally, the XDS-PLUS is also 2009 Compliant, meaning that it’s free from DTV and FCC licensing concerns and can roam virtually anywhere throughout North and South America without issue.

MSRP $599

Kustom Double Cross Tube Amp

Kustom introduces the Double Cross, an all-tube, 3-channel guitar head. The Double Cross platform consists of three distinctively voiced channels: Rhythm, Lead I and Lead II. Each Lead channel can be modified via the four separate function switches located at the four endpoints of the cross design on the control panel. These switches uniquely blend additional 12AX7 tube stages, letting players actually alter the gain/EQ/attack structure of their preamps. This amp also includes a footswitchable effects loop and a 6L6/EL34 bias switch for changing tube types.

MSRP $1999.99

Kustom Double Cross Tube Amp

BSM Rory Gallagher Treble Booster BSM Rory Gallagher Treble Booster

The BSM RG tribute model is based on the BSM HS-C Custom model, modified to nail Rory Gallagher’s signature tone. Compared to the HS-C Custom, the RG tribute model offers more gain for a punchier sound with good crunch, but includes the same volume control. The pedal is true bypass and can only be powered by battery – there is no external power supply jack.

MSRP $330

Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup

Starting with the popular Acoustic Matrix pickup, the Matrix Infinity now includes a new active, endpin-mounted preamp for great sound quality and responsiveness. Soundhole-mounted rotary Volume and Tone controls allow the player to make a variety of easily accessible dynamic and tonal adjustments, and a switchable voicing feature accommodates all body sizes and different performance situations. The Matrix Infinity is available in two saddle slot widths – 1/8” (3.2mm) and 3/32” (2.3mm).

MSRP $209.95

Fishman Matrix Infinity Undersaddle Pickup

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