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Stompboxtober 3 Calendar

Stompboxtober 3 Calendar

Stompboxtober 3 Winners:

Oct. 1 (Lovepedal): Ken Koldys of Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 2 (T-Rex): Mike Stillwagon of Midland, MI
Oct. 3 (Analog Man): Neil Kirtley of Nairn, Scotland
Oct. 4 (Ibanez): Williiam Moriarty of Brick, NJ
Oct. 5 (Stone Deaf): Robert Callahan of Providence, RI
Oct. 6 (VanAmps): Kley De Jong of West Des Moines, IA
Oct. 7 (Walrus Effects): Peter Knoot of San Carlos, CA
Oct. 8 (Whirlwind):Thomas Domino of Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 9 (Mad Professor): Jaime Barajas of Torre—n, Co, Mexico
Oct. 10 (Tech 21):Darnell Wicks of Oak Park, MI; Jeff Russel of Odessa, TN; and James Gower of Fort Gibson, OK
Oct. 11 (Celestial Effects): Christopher Loseth of Sumner, WA
Oct. 12 (Source Audio): Dylan Slack of Chicago, IL
Oct. 13 (Pigtronix): Justin Butler of Portland, OR
Oct. 14 (Loud Button): Tony Medlin of Baton Rouge, LA
Oct. 15 (EHX):Parker Speirs of Provo, UT
Oct. 16 (Empress Effects): Stanislav Evmeshkin of Moscow, Russia
Oct. 17 (Peterson): Brian Loose of Gering, NE
Oct. 18 (Strymon): Dan Mulloy of Nanjemoy, MD
Oct. 19 (Full Custom Effects): Justin Phillips of Southbury, CT
Oct. 20 (Fulltone): Richard Gehring of South Bend, IN & Jim Rezac of Dover, DE
Oct. 21 (FX Pedal Jam Pedals):Jeff Tatreau of Chandler, AZ
Oct. 22 (Rockbox): Nicholas Jensen of Poway, CA
Oct. 23 (Pedaltrain): Neal Gardner of Greer, SC
Oct. 24 (Digitech): Steve Bramblett of Madison, AL
Oct. 25 (Snark): Bryan Wright of Hendersonville, TN; Michael Henningsen of Cedar Crest, NM; Mark Allard of Essex Junction, VT; Romy King of Saint Estephe, France; Laszlo Sztana of San Francisco, Ca
Oct. 26 (Jetter): Bill Davis of Lapel, IN
Oct. 27 (Diago Effects): Malcolm Bellino of Tahlequah, OK
Oct. 28 (Alairex): John Weber of Havre de Grace, MA
Oct. 29 (Big Joe Stompbox Co.): Nick Skinner of Calistoga, CA
Oct. 30 (Earthquaker): Barron Hardison of Plano, TX
Oct. 31 (SolidGoldFX): Michael Miller of Philadelphia, PA
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