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OohLaLa Quicksilver, Soda-Meiser and Torn's Peaker Pedal Review

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The Soda-Meiser appears to be a basic fuzz pedal, but what it may lack in features it makes up for in all-out fuzz heaven. In heavy competition with the infamous Big Muff, this pedal is a lot more fun to play, with better harmonics to boot. The pedal layout is simple: you get two footswitches for Bypass and Boost, a Volume knob, Intensity knob, Chaos switch (it means what it says), and two big, bright LEDs, for Bypass and Boost. My favorite setting on this pedal was with the Intensity set at 2 o’clock without the boost; volume was adjusted according to the room. The intensity knob adjusts the amount of signal going to the fuzz circuit, similar to the sustain knob on a Big Muff. The Soda-Meiser provides amazing sustain— chords just droned on forever. The pedal also has a smooth bass response.

The mids sound great as well, but there is a roll off on the high frequencies. This caused a loss of clarity in my overall tone at lower volumes, but once I got the chance to turn the amp up loud, the highs returned. Turning the knob all the way clockwise gives you a scrambled sound, and total fuzz chaos. The boost pedal acts as an oscillator and is noisy but can provide some great fuzzed-out leads, comparable to an octave fuzz. Flipping the chaos mode switch, only the high notes survive—and forget about chords, they just break up in the sonic cruelty. Also, it is fair to note that when the boost switch is activated there is a loss in volume. The manual says adjust accordingly. In a live situation this may be a bit cumbersome for many players, so I would advise using a boost, compressor, or EQ pedal to bring the volume back up. The Soda-Meiser has the Big Muff sound, with harmonics and subtle nuances that remind me of the early Rat pedals. Fans of big, fuzzed-out stoner rock sound will love the Soda-Meiser. 
Buy if...
just buy it! Best fuzz pedal I have ever heard for guitar and bass!
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you don't like fuzz.

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