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Album Review: Treetop Flyers - "The Mountain Moves"

Album Review: Treetop Flyers - "The Mountain Moves"

Treetop Flyers
The Mountain Moves
Partisan Records

It’s a little hard to believe The Mountain Moves is a debut album, because it sounds like the Treetop Flyers have been doing this for a while. In fact, it’s pretty much just the youthfulness of their voices that tells us they haven’t been making music for decades.

Sounding eerily close to a perfectly preserved piece of vinyl from the heyday of Left Coast folk-rock, this London-based quintet just oozes an early-’70s, Cali-groovy vibe. And it’s California where the Flyers teamed up with producer Noah Georgeson to make their straight-out-of-a-time-capsule-sounding record.

When listening to any band, it’s difficult not to make comparisons to another, especially when writing a review. But, man, with the Treetop Flyers, it’s virtually impossible to not get tricked into thinking you might be hearing unreleased material from Crosby, Stills, and Nash that got mashed up with a dash of America. That’s not to say this album is an exercise in imitation, because it’s not. All 11 tracks are fresh and soulful tunes chock-full of multipart harmonies and shimmery guitar that may cause a few double takes.

A vintage-flavored trifecta of solid musicianship, moving vocals, and thoughtful songwriting, The Mountain Moves is a nice listen that’s timed right for summer.

Must-hear track: “Things Will Change”


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