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Interview: Adestria - Young, Hungry, and Taking Chances

Interview: Adestria - Young, Hungry, and Taking Chances

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Watch Russell Klein and Brian Stump lead Adestria’s live aural assault.

Adestria kicks off this August 2011 gig at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago with a ruckus, maintaining a totally pro and upbeat performance despite the stunning lethargy from the small crowd—which was clearly made up of a lot of kids waiting for the headlining act.

Klein nails blistering arpeggios starting at 0:30, just before the vocals begin.

Several songs into the same Bottom Lounge set, Adestria fi nally breaks through to the shy, reserved kids in attendance. Singer Matt Anderson beseeches them all to get moving, and Stump actually reaches out and pushes a couple of kids in the front row—prompting a bona fi de mosh.

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