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Interview: Rosie Flores - Rockabilly Road Doggie

Interview: Rosie Flores - Rockabilly Road Doggie

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to see and hear Rosie Flores (aka “the Rockabilly Filly”) whipping up a storm, check out the following clips on

Earl Slick and producer/ vocalist Mark Hudson join Flores onstage at NYC’s Mercury Lounge for a twangtastic jam.

On this live version of the title track from her latest release, Flores whips out wicked rapid- fi re licks beginning at 4:32, and then follows them up with some SRV-esque phrasing to close out the number.

Flores pays homage to rockabilly legend Janis Martin with a cover of her jukeboxjumpin’ hit “Drugstore Rock ’n Roll” at NYC’s Rodeo Bar.

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