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NAMM 2011 - Editor's Picks, Day 3

NAMM 2011 - Editor's Picks, Day 3

Rebecca Dirks - Web Content Editor

Bogner Mephisto
The latest from the eccentric Reinhold Bogner is the Mephisto, a combo with two completely separate amp circuits (6V6- and EL84-powered) that meet in the output stage. Each amp has Tone and Volume controls, and each can be run separately or blended together. The amp is about 25 watts—around 10 in the 6V6 section and 15 in the EL84.

Ampeg Heritage B-15
Ampeg painstakingly recreated this classic bass amp with new old stock preamp tubes and completely handwired circuitry. The amp has circuit paths of two very specific historical models: the 1964 B-15NC and 1966 B-15NF. The flip-top is just plain cool, and it’s a shame these are limited to 50 total amps.

Roland GR-55
Synth fans, this one’s for you. Roland says they packed all they know about guitar synths into the GR-55. It has all of the COSM capabilities of their VG-99 and VB-99 systems, plus two PCM synthesis engines. Players can combine up to two PCM settings, one COSM, and dry guitar. The list of features goes on and on—onboard phrase looper, flash media USB drive to play WAV files, MIDI interface—so if a wide range of synth tones and customizability is your bag, $799 street (including Roland GK-3 pickup) seems like a steal.

Carr Effect Prototypes
Steve Carr, best known for his great amps, rolled out effects prototypes at the show. The pictured boxes, still very much in development visually, put three different high-end effects at your feet. They’re driven by two 12AX7s and feature point-to-point wiring. The two boxes shown here are Boost/Delay/Tremolo and Boost/Reverb/Tremolo, and each is expected to list for around $1200.

65Amps Empire
The new Empire from 65Amps is packed with a trio of classic high-gain British voices from different eras. The first voice mirrors those from the early ’60s, the second is from the ’68-’72 era, and the third is a hot-rodded ’80s tone. Interestingly enough, the tone chefs at 65 challenged themselves to accomplish this feat with 6V6 tubes. The amp is a very loud 22 watts but features a Master Voltage control that lets you bring the volume down to bedroom levels. MSRP approx. $2900.
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