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NAMM 2013 Editors' Picks - Day 4

NAMM 2013 Editors' Picks - Day 4

Immix Eleven V-Series 30
Immix Eleven Amplification completely redesigned new V-Series 30 is powered by four EL84s and features two channels. Channel one uses an EF86 and has a 6-position tone selector and a brightness cut knob, while channel two uses three 12AX7s and a 3-band EQ section. There are also master and gain knobs, as well as a colour control that lets you select the shade of the isolated LEDs that illuminate the logo panel—or you can set it to automatically cycle through them.

Bogner Atma
Bogner Amplification brought the new EL84-loaded Atma to NAMM this year. This 18-watt, 3-channel (clean, crunch, and lead) little beast boasts a 3-way switch for '60s, '70s, or '80s-style gain, voicing, and compression. Other features include the 3-way bright switch and 18/5/1 power attenuation.

MI Amplification
Australia’s MI Amplification released a quartet of classic amp-inspired 1x12 combos at NAMM 2013. Be it the Apache, Aquarius, Crystal Lattice, or the Duchess, each of these tone machines boasts a unique take on vintage sounds.

Diamond Slider
Diamond Pedals released a pair of new pedals at NAMM 2013 with their Slider and Nine Zero Two. We particularly liked the Slider, which offers a wide range of octave, interval, and detuned shifts through a unique and variable sample-rate conversion technique.

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