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OohLaLa Quicksilver, Soda-Meiser and Torn's Peaker Pedal Review

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Torn’s Peaker
The Torn’s Peaker, another great play on words, is also a fuzz pedal, which is grittier overall compared to the Soda-Meiser. By design, the bass response isn’t very smooth; low chords tend to break up, but the midrange provides the clarity missing in the Soda-Meiser. It provides the same amount of features, minus the chaos switch—so you get Volume and Texture knobs, a Bypass switch and Mode switch, plus two huge LEDs to let you know when the circuits are active. The Texture knob actually acts more as a fuzz shaper than a Tone knob. Extreme right offers smooth harmonic textures, while the extreme left offers a fuzzed-out crunchy sound. The middle is fairly standard fuzz that’s still a bit on the crunchy side.

I found myself liking the crunch of this pedal with the Texture knob once again at 2 o’clock and the volume adjusted accordingly to room volume. I was able to get a good vintage crunch with plenty of note definition. I usually run my clean a little dirty, and this pedal would make a great overdrive when needed. Switching the mode will get you oscillating fuzz like the Soda-Meiser, but ultimately more static and destructive. Be warned that you’ll get a lot of background noise between notes, which can either be cool or a bit annoying. This effect does work well for some synth-like discordant leads. I found that backing off my volume pedal helped dissipate some of the noise. Some players may prefer to use a noise gate with the Torn’s Peaker, so as not to let all that noise get out of hand. Some may just let it ride. Buy if… you want a pedal to pull double duties: both fuzz and overdrive.
Buy if...
you want a pedal to pull double duties: both fuzz and overdrive.
Skip if...
you are looking for a richer fuzz, then buy the Soda-Meiser.

MSRP $225 - OohLaLa Manufacturing -

The Final Mojo
OohLaLa is manufacturing some very imaginative effects boxes, with some not-so-standard features. These pedals took a lot of experimenting, but after some tweaking I was able to find some useful and inspiring tones. Stoner Rock, Doom, Drone & Noise guitarists unite— these stomp boxes will inspire you to create some unique guitar tones. If you’re looking for pedals that are “off the beaten path” you will want to check out this line of effects.

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