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Riffs: The Blackbird Rider, Flaxwood and Elixir Together, Chinese Democracy Reviewed

November 21, 2008

Blackbird Rider

from Wired

The Blackbird Rider Nylon blends old school with high tech. This three pound travel-ready carbon-fiber guitar is said to be "nearly indestructible." 

Flaxwood Chooses Elixir

from Ecoustics

Findland-based Flaxwood is giving all their guitars Elixir Strings.  As of January 2009, every molded wood electric guitar will be strung with light-gauge Elixir strings with Nanoweb coating.

Chinese Democracy Reviewed

from Rolling Stone

The long-awaited Guns n' Roses album is set to be released on Sunday, November 23rd.  Interested in David Fricke's take on the disc?  Check it out.