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Soloing Over Odd Time Signatures

March 17, 2009

From Progressive Rock Guitar by Glenn Riley
In prog rock, we often solo over odd time grooves. There are two important strategies for this situation: 1) count the time; 2) feel the time. Counting will help you intellectually (by knowing how much time there is in each measure to play licks and ideas), while feeling the time will help you sound more intuitive (less calculating). Both approaches are helpful and you are encouraged to practice both ways.

The following etude features soloing over metric modulations (changing time signatures within a piece). You should count while learning this solo.

While this solo may seem difficult at first, listening to the audio track will help you learn it more quickly. Most of this solo is in D Aeolian. Non-diatonic chords are found in bars 6 (Bsus4), 27 and 32 (E  sus2). All of the chords are outlined using scales and arpeggios

Odd Time For A Solo Listen