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Warwick Announces New Bass Amps and Cabs for 2013

January 18, 2013

Germany (January 18, 2012) – Lightweight Bass Amps have become increasingly popular over recent years - they're very practical to carry around, yet maybe not always the best sounding units.

Warwick has taken the time and effort to properly develop its entry into this field - an 6 lb Thousand Watt monster. A Feather-weight to carry, but heavy with low-end tone.

Featuring two individual channels with 4 band Eq and Compressor, Effects loop, DI out, and tuner out - all in a compact elegant package.

• Lightweight Bass Amplifier Head
• 1000 Watt @ 4 ohms, 500 Watt
• @ 8 ohms
• Class A Low Noise Preamp
• Class D Power Amplifier
• 2 Channels with –

o Individual Mute switch o Individual 4-band EQ with +/- 12dB over each band
o Individual adjustable compressor with bypass function
o Independent Gain control with a separate Master Volume

• FX Loop
• Tuner Output
• Line level Output
• DI Out (balanced, XLR) with Ground Lift switch
• Selectable Pre/Post EQ + COMP + FX Loop functionality on DI out
• Dedicated Speaker Output, high quality Neutrik speakON connector
• Aux In (Stereo) for connecting MP3 player, CD player etc.
• Headphone Out (Stereo) with integrated headphone amplifier
• Temperature-dependent fan
• Dimensions: 270mm(W) x 98mm(H) x 146mm(D)
• Weight: 2.75kg
• Manufactured in China

The new addition to the Warwick BC series of combo amps is by here popular demand. A smaller offshoot of the BC20. Featuring the same super EQ and punchy sound. Just as noise free and transparent, but in a smaller convenient package for even more flexibility.

• Bass Combo Amp
• Class A Low Noise Preamp
• 10 Watt Power Amplifier
• 2 Inputs for Active or Passive Basses (can be plugged in simultaneously) 3-band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble)
• DDL (Dynamic Distortion Limiter) for consistently low distortion throughout entire output range.
• AUX In (Stereo) for connecting MP3 player, CD player etc.
• Headphone out (Stereo) with integrated headphone amplifier
• 8” Warwick Custom Speaker
• Bass Reflex Speaker Enclosure
• Rugged metal grille
• Dimensions: 320mm(W) x 250mm( H ) x 220mm( D )
• Weight: 6,2 kg
• Manufactured in China

The 8x10 speaker cab has no equal when it comes to pumping out low end en masse.

Our new version, in support of the WA600, comes in a solid birch ply construction with Warwick's custom 10” drivers and fabulous bullet horn.

It can be run as an 8x10 or switched in dual mode for operation as 2 4x10’s. This is a serious earth shaker.

• Bass reflex speaker cabinet
• 8 x 10” Warwick WPB 10/8 Speakers
• 4” Warwick WBH 4/8 High frequency “bullet” type horn
• HF Horn Level Control
• Rugged metal grill
• 800 Watts
• Comes in switchable 4Ω Mono and 8Ω Stereo modes
• SPL: 105dB
• Resonant frequency: 49Hz
• Frequency range: 30Hz – 20kHz
• 2 Dual purpose .” jack and coaxial, lockable connectors
• Dimensions (W/H/D) 660mm x 1325mm x 480mm / 26”x 52” x 19”
• Weight: 80kg / 176lb
• Manufactured in China

The success of the new WA/WCA series of amp heads and cabinets have generated the need for more variation in setups.

For the smaller venue and the trunk of your car, here is the WCA210. Two of the fine 10” drivers we use for the WCA410 and the same fantastic bullet horn.

• Bass reflex speaker cabinet
• 2 x 10” Warwick WPB 10/4 Speakers
• 4” Warwick WBH 4/8 High frequency “bullet” type horn
• HF Horn Level Control
• Rugged metal grill
• 200 Watts
• SPL: 105dB
• Resonant frequency: 48 Hz
• Frequency range: 60Hz – 20kHz
• 2 Dual purpose .” jack and coaxial, lockable, connectors
• Dimensions (W/H/D) 660mm x 470mm x 480mm / 26” x 18” x 19”
• Weight: 26,8 kg / 60lb
• Manufactured in China

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