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Riffs: Gibson Guitar of the Month, Coconut Amp, iPod Guitar

February 15, 2008

Gibson Begins Guitar of the Month With SG

from Gibson USA

Yes, the series that brought us the reverse Flying V is back. Gibson launched their guitar of the month series for this year last week with the less-polarizing SG Diablo. The guitars are limited to 1000 pieces, and new ones will be announced the first Friday of each month -- just in time to blow your entire paycheck (or two..) before the weekend.
Amp made from a coconut

Coconut Amp


And we thought Dirk Wacker was crazy for making an amp out of a computer speaker! Straight from Gilligan''s Island comes this gem from Steve Lodefink - a guy who likes to make weird stuff. It doesn''t stop here -- check out the cracker box amp from Make magazine.
Red guitar with iPod touch

iPod Guitar

from Geek Alerts

The point of this 3/4 scale guitar is to play along with your iPod. For $199, this obviously isn''t going to double as your go-to studio axe, but hey, maybe this is how you can get a real, or almost real, guitar in your kids'' hands!