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Riffs: 'I Play Real Guitar' Shirt, Peter Green, '70s Guitar Solo List

July 17, 2008

Wear Your Hobby With Pride

from IG Blog

If you''re part of the crowd that can''t stand the Guitar Hero/Rock Band video games, IG Blog has a shirt for you. Proclaiming "I Play Real Guitar," it''s the perfect thing to wear when picking up your kid from his Guitar-Hero-playing friend''s house. We can hear the embarrassed whining now.

The Greatest Forgotten Guitar Hero

from GPGG

The UK''s Guitar Player Gear Guide has written a lengthy blog post about Peter Green that is certainly worth a read.

Top ''70s Guitar Solos

from Men''s Style

We''re on the verge of losing track of what guitar-related lists have and haven''t been made. We''re actually working on our won list as we speak: Top 10 Guitar Riffs Played Live by Guitarists Who Had the Flu at the Time and Were Playing Guitars With a Tremolo. While you wait with bated breath for that one, check out this list of guitar solos from the seventies -- a plus is that you can actually vote on this one.