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Riffs: Integrating Guitar Into Life, Missouri Custom Builder, Brewster POD Patches

May 11, 2008

In Case Your Neighbors Don''t Know You Play Guitar...

from Various Blogs

What better way to declare yourself as a guitar lover than a 12-foot playable acoustic guitar in your front yard? And at $6500, it''s still cheaper than that custom-built guitar you''ve been considering. Looking for more subtlety? Bikers can rejoice in guitar-shaped bike pedals to go with their bike-themed gig bags, and you can celebrate your birthday with a full-scale guitar cake.

S & L Guitars are Movin'' On Up

from the Lake Sun Leader

Custom builders S & L Guitars out of the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri are looking to expand their business by adding a machine. Here''s the local writeup.

Sound Like Lincoln Brewster


Did you get into Lincoln Brewster after reading our interview in January? We stumbled upon a blog that breaks down the POD X3 patches that he uses.