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G&L Releases Superhawk Jerry Cantrell Models

February 15, 2013
G&L is proud to announce the launch of the G&L Superhawk Jerry Cantrell Signature Model, available in two USA-made versions.
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G&L Launches Fallout

February 14, 2013
Fullerton, CA (February 13, 2013) -- What would an ’83 G&L SC-2 be if Leo Fender recreated it for today’s scene? The crew at G&L think it would be
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G&L Announces ASAT Tom Hamilton Signature Model Bass

February 8, 2013
Fullerton, CA (February 8, 2013) -- Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton has been playing G&L ASAT Basses for nearly twenty years since he bought his first blue metal flake ASAT Bass
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G&L Announces ASAT Classic 'S' Alnico Guitar

February 1, 2013
G&L Guitars have announced their ASAT Classic ''S'' Alnico, which features a Alnico V pickup in the middle position.
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G&L Introduces MJ-4 Active Bass

January 25, 2013
The active MJ-4 features G&L’s new Bi-Coil Alnico V pickups and MJ-spec preamp/control system for a huge range of single-coil tones, from classic jazz to far beyond, all without single-coil hum.
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Review Demo - G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow

November 19, 2012
Read the review of the G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow here -
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G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review

November 5, 2012
For fans of modern blues and/or classic rock looking for a quality axe that can take them from slicing bridge-pickup leads to funkier dual-pickup sounds and gristly neck-pickup tones, the Bluesboy is well worth checking out.
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G&L Unveils Black Ice Collection

October 24, 2012
Black Ice models feature G&L’s newly- developed NENA finish for enhanced body resonance.
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G&L ASAT Z Special Classic

September 5, 2012
We took a semi-hollow G&L ASAT Classic, installed an elongated ashtray bridge plate, and stuck a Z-coil pickup in the bridge position and an ASAT Special pickup (minus the cover) at the neck.
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G&L Introduces the Tribute Series S-500

August 20, 2012
The new G&L Tribute Series S-500 delivers the power of MFD pickups mellowed by the porosity of a mahogany body.
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G&L Introduces the ASAT Classic Alnico

July 24, 2012
A thoughtful remix that blends the best of old-school Leo with 21st century G&L quality and playability including Plek fret processing.
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G&L Expands Tribute Series With New M-2000 and M-2500 Basses

June 25, 2012
Fullerton, CA (June 25, 2012) – Three decades ago, the G&L L-2000 bass served notice that company founder Leo Fender was ready to disrupt the status quo of bass
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G&L Introduces New Tribute Series ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow Models

June 19, 2012
The new models sport a decidedly upscale appearance to complement their premium tone and feel.
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G&L Unveils New 2012 Special Collection

June 14, 2012
These instruments allow both the resonance of the wood and texture of the grain to be at a player’s fingertips through the development of new finishing techniques at G&L.
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1969 G&L Leo Fender Tri-Sonic Prototype

December 20, 2011
In the case of Leo Fender and G&L, a 1969 Tri-Sonic R&D prototype covered in 20 years of dust, dirt, and grime.
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