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The Monsters of High Gain

November 16, 2010
We gathered 13 of the hottest high-gain amps on the market, brought in ace guitarists Misha Mansoor (Periphery) and Ty Dietzler (Thousand Foot Krutch), and let the cameras roll.
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Summer NAMM '10 - Randall Amplifiers RT503 Head

August 3, 2010
PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2010 Summer NAMM Show where he swings by the Randall Amplifiers booth. In this segment, we get to check out one of their newest heads--the RT503.

The RT503 is a 50 watt, 6L6-loaded (can also come with EL34s), 3-channel amplifier. Its three channels include, Channel 1 - Classic Clean - from sparkling to highly overdriven, Channel 2 - Classic Overdrive - from mild grit to full saturation, and Channel 3 - Modern Overdrive - full hi gain tone. Each channel's controls include Bass, Middle, and Treble (Channel 1 has a Bright switch) and the master controls are Volume and Reverb.
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George Lynch - Amps and Pedals

September 15, 2008
Welcome to another segment of "PG Experience - George Lynch." In this clip, George's tech, Gerry Ganaden, walks us through some of the amps and pedals George uses at Lynch Box Studios.
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George Lynch - Live Blues Jam

September 15, 2008
Welcome to another segment of "PG Experience - George Lynch." In this clip, George takes us to a cozy little bar in Pioneer Town, CA, in the middle of the desert and ends up jamming with the local band.
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George Lynch - Desert Studio Interview

September 15, 2008
Welcome to "PG Experience - George Lynch." This clip finds us in the CA desert at George's solar studio, a desolate but inspiring place where George likes to record his lead tracks. Premier Guitar's Brett Petrusek interviews George about his M.O. for tapping into desert mojo.
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George Lynch - Tracking at the Integratron

September 15, 2008
Welcome to another segment of "PG Experience - George Lynch." In this clip George is tracking at the Integratron - a unique, alien-inspired, dome-shaped building in the CA desert. This version of this video clip features George's guitar only (with no full band backing tracks), recorded with 3 room mics and a mic'd cab. Check back later for a version of this video mixed down with full backing tracks!
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Randall Amps Archetype

June 27, 2008
3 MIDI Programmable Channels
CH. 1: Classic Solid State Clean
CH. 2: Classic Solid State Overdrive
CH. 3: Modern Tube Overdrive
3 x Ruby 12AX7AC5HG
Bass • Middle • Treble • Sustain Boost • Attack Switch
Volume • Presence • Density
“Valve Dynamic™ Tube/Mosfet
Single Tube • 12AT7
480 Watts @ 2 O
400 Watts @ 4 O
280 Watts @ 8 O
Midi In/Thru
Assignable 6 Band Graphic EQ
Assignable Series or Parallel EFX Loop
Slave Output with Level
“Mic Eliminator” XLR Output
World Voltage Selector
RF5V2 MIDI Footswitch Included
All Black Chrome Cosmetics

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