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SolidGoldFX Unveils Jeff Waters Signature Devil Drive

November 14, 2011
The Devil Drive draws its roots from the classic OD-1 overdrive that Jeff has used with Annihilator from the very beginning.
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SolidGoldFX Surf Rider Pedal Review

October 18, 2011
Though the Surf Rider isn’t a true spring reverb, the device recreates the tone and response of a spring unit with remarkable accuracy.
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SolidGoldFX Stutterbox Tremolo Pedal Review

July 5, 2011
The Stutterbox pays tribute to the buttery sounds of vintage Tremolos while including a few modern features that will help guitarists personalize and refine their own swinging tremolo sounds.
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Solid Gold FX Electroman Pedal Review

March 15, 2011
The Electroman digital-delay demonstrates an appreciation for both extremes of the Echoplex’s performance envelope, and the know-how to make both straightforward and unusual delay sounds that are practical and inspiring.
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