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May 2014


NAMM '12 - Z. Vex Effects J Mascis Double Rock, Sonar, Loop Gate Demos

January 23, 2012
PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Anaheim, CA, at the 2012 NAMM Show where she visits the Z. Vex Effects booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear demos of the J Mascis Double Rock, Sonar, Loop Gate, and Sonar.
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Z.Vex Introduces Sonar, Double Rock!, and Loop Gate Pedals

January 17, 2012
The Sonar is a tremolo/machine pulser, the Double Rock was designed for J. Mascis with two Box of Rock pedals in one box, and the Loop Gate provides a loop switch with a built-in “perfect” audio gate.
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Video Review - Z. Vex Effects Instant Lo-Fi Junky

October 20, 2011
PG's Jordan Wagner walks us through his latest review of the Z. Vex Effects Instant Lo-Fi Junky guitar effects pedal, which is featured in Premier Guitar's 2011 November print magazine, and can be read online, in its entirety for free - Z. Vex Instant Lo-Fi Junky Pedal Review.
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2011 Pedal Roundup: 37 Stompboxes Reviewed

October 18, 2011
“Stompbox.” The word just sounds fun. But, of course, it’s what you do with pedals that matters. And we sure as heck wouldn’t be cramming 37 reviews of the latest, greatest pedals into a single issue of Premier Guitar if stompboxes weren’t, well, a foot-stomping good time.
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Z.Vex Instant Lo-Fi Junky Pedal Review

October 18, 2011
With the Instant Lo-Fi Junky, Z.Vex adapts the effects that make the Loop Junky’s loops so, well, junky and puts them in a stomp box without the looper.
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Video Review - Z.Vex Inventobox

June 19, 2010
Z.Vex Inventobox review
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Z. Vex Inventobox Pedal Review

May 28, 2010
Z. Vex''s DIY-in-a-box effect, the Inventobox, includes Fuzz Factory, Super Hard-On and Tone Stack modules that can be tweaked a little or a lot, plus room for your own invention.
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NAMM '10 - Z.Vex Effects Inventobox

January 26, 2010
PG's Jordan Wagner is On Location in Anaheim, CA, for NAMM 2010 where he visits the Z.Vex Effects booth. In this segment, we get a thoroughly insightful demonstration from Mr. Z.Vex himself, on his latest effects pedal the Inventobox. The Inventobox is a DIY pedal lover's dream come true as it includes several Z.Vex modules in a non-assembled, build-it-yourself kit.
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Z.Vex Distortron & Mastotron Pedal Review

June 22, 2009
The Mastotron and Distortron are two light-on-the-wallet, heavy-on-the-fx additions to Z.Vex''s lineup
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