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April 2015


Whirlwind OC Bass Pedal Review

September 18, 2012
Easy-to-use, flexible compressor at a great price
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Rivera Sustain Shaman Compressor Pedal Review

May 11, 2012
The Rivera Sustain Shaman is dynamic, highly tailorable, offers colors from subtle to strong, and has more than a few tricks up its sleeve.
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3Leaf Audio PWNZOR Bass Compressor Review

February 27, 2012
The PWNZOR optical compressor includes two modes for varying degrees of compression.
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Red Witch Lily Boost, Grace Compressor, and Ivy Distortion Reviews

December 27, 2011
What’s so cool about having a smart-phone battery in a guitar effect? For starters, they’re rechargeable, which means freedom from unreliable power sources, tangles of wire, and noise from shoddy club wiring.
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Video Review - Empress Effects Compressor Pedal

October 20, 2011
PG's Jordan Wagner walks us through his latest review of the Empress Effects Compressor pedal, which is featured in Premier Guitar's November 2011 issue, and can be read online for free in its entirety -- http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2011/Nov/Empress_Effects_Compress....
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Empress Effects Compressor Pedal Review

October 18, 2011
Empress places an emphasis on tone control and transparency that you don’t see in a typical stompbox compressor.
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MXR M87 Bass Compressor Pedal Review

September 20, 2011
The MXR M87 Bass Compressor gets the job done pretty easily, while still allowing for a good range of variation from basic settings.
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Rothwell Audio Love Squeeze Compressor Pedal Review

March 4, 2011
A simple-to-use, high-quality, FET-based compressor from the UK.
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DDyna Music Company Bass 10 Pedal Review

January 17, 2011
The all-analog, true-bypass Bass 10 is a compressor with a 4-band EQ and a switchable overdrive.
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Sonic Edge Tumbleweed Pedal Review

November 16, 2010
The Tumbleweed compressor expands the dynamic range of low and high watt amps
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