October 2016


Wampler Pedals Super Plextortion and Pinnacle Pedal Review

April 2, 2010
The Super Plextortion and Pinnacle from Brian Wampler aim for two iconic rock sounds: Plexi Marshall and Van Halen''s "Brown Sound."
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Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire Pedal Review

March 11, 2010
The Holy Fire is an overdrive/distortion pedal with a world of tones
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Reinhardt Willard Pedal Review

October 2, 2009
The Willard is a high-gain distortion that channels old big-box Rat pedals
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Vox Joe Satriani Signature Time Machine Delay, Satchurator, and Big Bad Wah Pedal Review

July 1, 2009
We play with the Satchurator, Time Machine and Big Bad Wah, and bring them by a Satriani tribute artist for an expert''s opinion in our review.
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Z.Vex Distortron & Mastotron Pedal Review

June 22, 2009
The Mastotron and Distortron are two light-on-the-wallet, heavy-on-the-fx additions to Z.Vex''s lineup
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WMD Geiger Counter Pedal Review

May 20, 2009
Traditionalists need not apply - the WMD Geiger Counter delivers extreme distortion
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Radial Engineering Bones Hollywood, Texas & London Review

March 24, 2009
Radial’s respected distortion pedals go small
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HipKitty Oxblood Distortion Review

March 17, 2009
HipKitty''s Oxblood pedal channels Vox with great success
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Dino’s Guitars Rust Box Pedal Review

October 15, 2008
Download example 1 Recorded with a Steinberger ZT3 and a Mesa Boogie Rectifier Italians have always seemed to possess a knack for luxury and a hint of the exotic.
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Electro-Harmonix Bass Metaphors Pedal Review

October 15, 2008
The Bass Metaphors is an all-purpose channel strip and distortion in one box made from lightweight aluminum.
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