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April 2015


Mid-Fi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz Pedal Review

October 18, 2011
Lo-fi, overdriven mic preamp tone is what Mid-Fi Electronics is shooting for in the Demo Tape fuzz.
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Secrets of Saturation

August 16, 2011
The PG guide to demystifying boost, overdrive, distortion, and fuzz.
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Paul Trombetta Design Tornita! Pedal Review

July 19, 2011
Trombetta’s work drew the attention of experimental guitarist and soundtrack composer David Torn—or that he and Trombetta would conspire on a pedal to suit Torn’s needs. The result is the Tornita!
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Demeter Amplification Fuzzy Octavulator Pedal Review

June 22, 2011
The Fuzzy Octavulator takes the much-loved Fuzzulator circuit and adds an independent, vintage-sounding octave-up circuit that ranges from authentic Hendrix-esque Octavia tones and beyond.
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Video Review - Wampler Pedals Leviathan Fuzz

June 16, 2011
PG's Jordan Wagner walks us through his latest video review of the Wampler Pedals Leviathan Fuzz stompbox, which is featured in Premier Guitar's July 2011 print magazine, and online at http://www.premierguitar.com/jul2011
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Wampler Pedals Leviathan Pedal Review

June 14, 2011
Wampler’s way to a more unique fuzz took a more aggressive route, one inspired by the sounds of players like the Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan
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Black Cat Pedals Bass Octave Fuzz Pedal Review

May 17, 2011
Download Example 1 Bass: 1987 Kramer Striker into a a Gallien-Kreuger 700 RB-II bass head to a 1970 Orange 8x10 cabinet. Download Example 2 Guitar: Cycle through 4 settings.
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Mod Kits DIY Persuader Pedal Review

April 5, 2011
An affordable but challenging DIY tube distortion pedal.
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The Tone God NerFuzz Pedal Review

February 15, 2011
A fully programmable, 100-percent analog fuzz box, the NerFuzz offers nine different parameters that can be tweaked to access tones ranging from the subtly overdriven to the chaotically distorted.
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Dunlop JBF3 Joe Bonamassa Signature Fuzz Face Pedal Review

December 21, 2010
The handwired, germanium JBF3 is tailor-made for any guitarist interested in walking Bonamassa’s blues-rock path and beyond.
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