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May 2014

Builder Profile

Seymour Duncan Interview, Part 3

July 18, 2008
Seymour pulls out more early PAF humbuckers made by Seth Lover and Seth's own winder. Also, Seymour talks about making pickups for the best guitarists in the world.
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Switch Hitter: An Interview with Burkhard G. Lehle

July 10, 2008
  Burhard G Lehle, the man behind the switchers The brightly colored boxes with the mushroom- shaped footswitches popped onto the scene a while back, offering up Teutonic quality and
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Seymour On Seymour

July 9, 2008
You’ve probably never run into Howard Johnson staying at one of his hotels, or talked stocks with Charles Schwab, but the beauty of the guitar industry is the visibility
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Builder Profile: Santa Cruz Cuts to the Chase

July 8, 2008
Bringing back classic shapes and building techniques
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Acoustic Simplicity

June 10, 2008
While many companies have chased a dream of making everything bigger, faster and stronger, a select few have made the decision to chase a less visible dream. Baden Guitars
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Laced with Tone

May 12, 2008
Lace Music is continually evolving pickup technology. We talk Lace Sensors, Alumitones and more with Don and Jeff Lace.
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Taylor Made: an Exclusive Tour Through the Taylor Factory

May 12, 2008
A look inside the processes behind Taylor guitars
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Gunning for Warr

April 14, 2008
A look into Warr guitars through the eyes of their creator, Mark Warr, and their most prominent player, Trey Gunn.
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Industrial Light & Music: Inside LightWave Systems and the Optical Pickup

April 9, 2008
In the electric guitar world, magnets rule. But new technologies on the market promise to shake up that longstanding truism. PG speaks with Founder and CEO of LightWave Systems,
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Beyond the Blues Amp: Category 5 Amplification

April 2, 2008
There''s a new amp company that is positioning itself to take the blues scene by storm. In fact, Category 5 amps were originally made specifically for blues players. You''ve already heard
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