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Mesa Boogie: Born to Boogie

October 18, 2007
Old and new Boogies, we get the scoop from Petaluma.
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A Mesa Boogie History

August 10, 2007
From their humble beginnings to the newest products, we trace Mesa''s history.
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A Modern History of the Gibson Custom Shop

July 11, 2007
The Gibson Custom Shop Fuses Personal Touches With History and Innovation
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Building on Tradition: an introduction to Trevor Byers and his amps

July 10, 2007
New Amps on the Block: The Sound of History and Innovation
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History Faces The Future: Martin & Co. brings alternatives to an audience expecting tradition

June 13, 2007
Chris Martin, CEO of Martin & Co., heads a company with the most celebrated history in the landscape of luthiery.
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Flying Solo: Taylor Guitars' individual quest to save wood.

June 13, 2007
Bob Taylor, founder and president of Taylor Guitars, has always been a pioneer in the guitar industry.
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New Woods on the Block: Exploring Alternative Tonewoods

June 12, 2007
Though there are many, many factors that contribute to the sound of an individual guitar besides the wood, the woods used in a guitar are probably the most discussed component of the instrument, and they are probably the most misunderstood.
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Something to Look Forward to: G & L Custom Creations

May 14, 2007
While many players today are familiar with G&L and their more famous models, like the ASAT, what some may not be aware of is G&L’s Custom Creations Department, developed in the late ‘90s to build limited edition instruments
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