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May 2014

Builder Profile

Builder Profile: Source Audio

June 8, 2012
The forward-thinking makers of the Hot Hand and the Soundblox stompboxes discuss the genesis, evolution, and future of their powerhouse pedals–and the maddening uphill battle they face from digital-averse players.
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Builder Profile: Heritage Guitar

May 11, 2012
By designing and building small batches of handcrafted, high-quality guitars from solid woods right here in the United States, Heritage is able to pay attention to those crucial details that define a great 6-string.
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Builder Profile: Chase Tone

April 6, 2012
When it comes to hardcore authenticity in vintage gear replicas, no one tops Kyle Chase— a lone-ranger builder who says he can hear the difference between stranded and solid-core wire in his Marshall-, Vox-, and Fender-inspired amps and pedals.
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Builder Profile: Sherman Guitars

March 9, 2012
The former Hamer, Washburn, and Dean builder takes boutique shredmachine luthiery to the extreme with an approach that prioritizes local sourcing and one-on-one client engagement.
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Builder Profile: Top Hat Amps

January 10, 2012
Founder and designer Brian Gerhard discusses how being a player and paying attention to such minutia as speaker glue, transformer size, and filtering has made his amps go-to choices for everyone from Los Lobos to My Morning Jacket and studio aces like Michael Landau.
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Builder Profile: Teuffel Guitars

December 20, 2011
How one of guitardom’s most forward-thinking and meticulous luthiers transitioned from traditional designs to museum-quality dream machines.
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Builder Profile: Trev Wilkinson

November 16, 2011
Wilkinson merges his Fret-King house with Britain’s Vintage guitars.
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Builder Profile: Keeley Electronics' Robert Keeley

October 18, 2011
Over the past 10 years, Robert Keeley has watched his company grow from offering a few experimental pedals into a major effects manufacturer with products being sold in more than 200 US stores and nearly 100 internationally. Here he reflects on the journey, technological strides, and where he sees his company going in the future.
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Do What You Love (The Money Will Follow)

September 20, 2011
Centuries ago, when I told friends I wanted to make guitar-building my career, many reacted with looks of horror.
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Builder Profile: Gene Baker and Premier Builders Guild

September 20, 2011
Master builder and chief engineer Gene Baker has been around and then some—from studying at GIT to working for Gibson and the Fender Custom Shop to having his own prestigious shop torpedoed by unscrupulous lenders to heading up one of the guitar industry’s most intriguing gear onsortiums.
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