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May 2014

Builder Profile

Cow-Skull Guitars and a Builder Named Boaz

May 17, 2011
Slicing a cow skull to make interior braces for a custom guitar. Photo by peckhammer Next to the 1954 Stratocaster (serial number 0168) sitting on my repair bench, I’ve
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Builder Profile: Mercury Magnetics

April 27, 2011
We talk with Mercury’s Sergio Hamernik to dig deeper into their roots, find out what one can expect from upgrading their iron, and what sets Mercury apart.
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Builder Profile: Epifani Amplifiers

April 19, 2011
New York City’s bass-amp innovator talks about his never-ending quest for impeccable tone and how he broke into the scene by tirelessly schlepping his designs to jazz clubs and getting local legends to plug in.
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Builder Profile: Studio California

March 15, 2011
Paul Wilczynski tells how his industrial design background and love of vintage guitars led him to becoming Rickenbacker’s only licensed electric restorer and their only licensed builder of new Ricky acoustics.
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Builder Profile: David Myka Custom Guitars

January 17, 2011
When David Myka says he’s ready to take on any project, no matter how out-there or customized, you know he means it: He built his first guitars out of throwaway parts—including radio guts and nut-and-bolt tuning keys—and wound his first pickups out of reclaimed transformer wire and 6-penny nails.
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Builder Profile: Ernie Ball Music Man

December 21, 2010
From its humble 1960s beginnings with Slinky strings to its paradigm-changing StingRay bass to its current stance as a respected manufacturer of guitars and basses that walk the fine line between tradition and innovation, Ernie Ball Music Man is a true American success story.
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Builder Profile: Ribbecke Guitars

December 21, 2010
Archtop fanatic Tom Ribbecke’s unflappable dedication and patience over the last 30 years led to what is arguably this generation’s biggest advance in archtop design—the Halfling. But he’s also changed the lives of the troubled teens he hires and mentors in his workshop. Just ask Oprah—she says his story belongs on prime-time TV.
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GALLERY: Modern Builder Vault 2010

December 17, 2010
A fresh look at the luthiers featured in PG''s Modern Builder Vault section in 2010
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Builder Profile: Splawn Amplifiers

November 16, 2010
Scott Splawn tells how his four-person operation evolved from modding his own plexis to customizing stock Marshalls as a dealer and finally to building “brown sound” wonders for players like Steve Stevens and prolific metal producer Adam Dutkiewicz.
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Builder Profile: Electro-Harmonix

October 20, 2010
Premier Guitar peeks inside the brain of Electro-Harmonix founder Mike Matthews—the man whose off-the-wall stompboxes have generated countless classic tones and changed the guitar universe forever.
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