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Vintage Bliss: A Storyteller's Collection

October 13, 2008
This story begins with a little boy receiving a pawn shop Gibson archtop from his uncle. That’s when a love affair began that is still strong today.
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Premier Collector #9: Pre-Gibson, Pre-Samick Valley Arts

September 11, 2008
A bevy of Valley Arts for your perusal
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Premier Collector #8: Vintage Strats and Custom Colors

September 3, 2008
Clean, pristine sixties Jags, Jazzmasters and Strats
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Premier Collector #7: Martins and More

August 25, 2008
Inspired to play by a Martin D12-28
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Premier Collector #6: Custom-Built Strats and Fender Tube Amps

August 18, 2008
Roger Jackson builds his own Strats and loves Fender amps, but gives Gibson a fair shake as well
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Premier Collector #5: The Vintage Room

August 1, 2008
Alan Keith loves his ''58 Les Paul so much, he built it a room of its own
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Premier Collector #4: Oddballs

July 29, 2008
Upwards of 50 guitars -- some of which are so unique you have to see them to believe it.
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Premier Collector #3: Vintage Fender Amps and Guitars

July 22, 2008
Five Fender amps from the sixties and seventies, and 15 vintage and newer guitars make Lorne Sheaves'' collection.
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Premier Collector #2: Gibson Customs and Modded Marshalls

July 15, 2008
This tone tweaker has a bevy of Gibson Custom Reissues, hand-built Strats and Marshall Amps
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Photos from the New York Amp Show

June 10, 2008
With well over 45 exhibitors filling the halls of an Embassy Suites, the second running of the New York Amp Show was an unqualified success. With each exhibitor setting up
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