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January 15

Gear-Show Demo


March 15, 2008
Introduced in '07, this ingenius product continues to wow guitarists for its simplistic, problem-solving design and ease of use.
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Martin Flexible Core Strings

March 15, 2008
Here's the rundown on Martin's new FX Flex Core Strings.
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Radial Engineering ToneBone PZ-Pre, Big Shot PZ-DI

March 15, 2008
Known for making top-of-the-line direct boxes, Radial Engineering continues to make products tailored toward professional needs. In this NAMM 2008 video, Radial's Peter Janis runs down the TonBone PZ-Pre, the Big Shot PZ-DI and the Big Shot MIX.
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Alleva~Coppolo Basses & Guitars

March 13, 2008
Here's an interview with Jimmy Coppolo and his colleagues at Alleva~Coppolo. These guys make make an assortment of boutique gear in NYC. In addition to basses and guitars, they're now making cables, too.
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IK Multimedia StompIO

March 13, 2008
Here's a rundown of how StompIO can help you bridge the gap between studio precision and on stage performance -- this USB controller allows you to control your AmpliTube software like you would a floor processor.
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Trivium's Corey Beaulieu Signature Dean Guitar

March 6, 2008
Trivium's Corey Bealieu and Dean Guitar Designer Josh Maloney talk about building Corey's new signature CBV1122 Dean guitar.
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Trivium's Matt Heafy Signature Dean Guitar

March 6, 2008
Trivium's Matt Heafy and Dean Guitar Designer Josh Maloney talk about building Matt's new Signature MKH Dean Guitar.
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Seymour Duncan New Blackouts, P-Rails

February 22, 2008
New stuff from Seymour Duncan -- seven-string Blackouts (2 sizes), a Blackout single-coil and a Blackout for high-gain players. Also, SD's new P-Rails split a full-size humbucker into either a "real deal" P-90 or a traditional single-coil.
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EMG Pickups

February 20, 2008
Here's the latest from EMG... The 81TW is based on the 81 but gives you give you the option between single or dual coil. The 707TW gives you the same choice for 7 strings and features alnico magnets. The PA is based on their P but uses Alnicos to give you a more traditional sound.
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Diamond Amps Nitrox

February 14, 2008
Here's the ultra high gain bad boy Diamond Amplification rolled out at NAMM '08: The Nitrox. This 100 watt, 2.5 channel screamer goes ultra heavy with the best of 'em but has a well-rounded clean channel, too. This is the first amp Diamond has unleashed at what you could call a more affordable price point but is built with the same Diamond quality for the money.

Nitrox Features

100 watts (4 x Svetlana EL34 – 6 x 12AX7)

2 fully independent channels (Channel 1 - Clean/Channel 2 - Crunch)

Both Channels feature Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence

Dual Volume/Gain Channel 2 (switchable, allows for two gain settings with 2 volumes for level adjustment to match volumes)

2 button footswitch included for access to Ch 1/2 or Ch2 A/B

May be wired for 100v, 120v, 220v and 230/240v output selection.

Ohm selector switch for 4, 8 or 16ohm output.

Red LED's light the box for a distinctive look on stage, along with a unique hexagon pattern front grille and etched zinc logo.

All components specifically spec'd and tested by Diamond before inclusion in the product.

Independent LED's indicate which volume/gain is active.

Properly designed, tube-driven effects loop (shorting jack so the loop will automatically engage when cables are plugged in and disengage when cables are removed).

Front panel Effects Return control that acts as an overall master when loop is engaged for quick overall volume adjustment.

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